Olives are an ancient fruit known in Mediterranean culture for their unique flavor with extraordinary heart-health properties.

Spanish Queen Olives are called Gordal, a name originating from its large size, which is the biggest variety cultivated in Andalusia, Spain. They are globally recognizable by the name of Queen Olive. Only three percent of Queen Olives are grown worldwide, Don Anecio has the privilege of distributing a large part of these olives in the United States.

Don Anecio Queen Olive with Pit is our most in-demand product in the US market. We are proud to offer a delicious, healthy-oriented, rich with antioxidants product that can balance the levels of cholesterol and is considered that can help to prevent osteoporosis and cancer.

Olives Are a Symbol Of Peace And Goodwill.

We also provide premium stuffed olives with pickles, garlic, almonds, chili pepper, and other snack and tapas items like sweet and spicy skewers, pickled onions, and mini pickles—perfect to enjoy along with a good wine or your favorite drink of choice.

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