We are a family of Spanish origin. The olive groves link us strongly with Spain and its culture. Our mission is to bring the best of Spanish cuisine to the United States.

Founded by father and son Armando and Antonio Alvarez, the name of the company, Don Anecio Inc., was inspired by the values and beliefs passed down to them from their great-grandfather—Don Anecio Alvarez.

Don Anecio’s devotion to family and his dedication to keep the spirit of Spanish traditions alive led Armando and Antonio to honor their roots and to found a business guided by the pride and love for their motherland with the purpose of embracing others’ well-being and livelihood.

The Don Anecio brand in the United States started in 2013 when Armando Alvarez, founder and CEO, decided to bring the business outside of Spain with the intention of providing premium quality Spanish products, making them more accessible to others.

Just a few years later, after son and father introduced Don Anecio products to major wholesalers, their work ethic and the undeniable quality of the products gradually introduced Don Anecio to the vast market in the United States.

The Don Anecio brand represents in an exclusive categorical way the brand of Spain.