Olive oil is the star product of Spain. It is cultivated and produced for thousands of years, starting from the time of the Phoenicians and from Ancient Rome until Andalusia. The main production area today.

Spain is the leading country in the production of olive oil. It currently has more than 300 million olive trees throughout the Spanish territory occupying an area of ​​almost 3 million hectares. This gives it great economic heritage as well as high social and cultural value and betting on this product has given many brands great prestige.

Exports represent 60% of the total olive oil trade in Spain, with more than 100 destination countries

Regarding marketing and export, the export of olive oil is one of the main objectives of agri-food companies that are dedicated to this product. 60% of the production is destined to the export of oil to different countries, this product being the fourth most exported worldwide. This represents 45% of world production, although in recent years there has been an increase in exports.

Why export olive oil?

The export of oil means economic benefits for producers. However, there are more factors to consider such as knowing the market, knowing the certification and customs requirements, understanding transport, etc.

To understand the importance and above all the potential of the olive sector in Spain, it could be said that 5% of agri-food companies are dedicated to this sector, allocating 9% of their production for export. It should be noted that Andalusia is the main producer of oil with 85% national.

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