Don Anecio Inc is an American company dedicated to the food and beverage sector.

We are a family of Spanish origin. Our olive groves link us strongly with Spain and its culture. Our mission is to bring the best of Spanish cuisine to the United States.

Don Anecio Álvarez was born in Asturias, in northern Spain. He founded the Álvarez saga in America, based on very solid principles and values, based on Spanish and American culture.
The love for a job well done, the value of a handshake to signal an unbreakable agreement, the tenacity and the ability to sacrifice to undertake business projects, are the values ​​inherited from our ancestor that have helped us consolidate a company as today is Don Anecio Inc.

Don Anecio implanted in our DNA our predilection for Mediterranean gastronomy and for a healthy diet. It encouraged us from the beginning to bring the best of Spanish products to America.
And it deeply marked our lifestyle with family, friends, and our partners and clients at the center of our lives.

We invite you to get to know us and enjoy our genuinely Spanish products, which invite you to practice the ‘slow food’ style, based on enjoying the moment of eating around the table with family and friends.

Quality and Service

Quality service

Quality service

We strive to provide an excellent level of service to our clients.
24/7 Support

24/7 Support

If you need to contact us, write through the form or write to [email protected]
We’re 24/7/365 for you.
Payment Process

Payment Process

Pay with complete peace of mind. We have implemented all the security measures so that everything goes perfectly.
Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

We send your order in the shortest time possible
30 days withdrawal

30 days withdrawal

You have 30 days to return your order if you want to cancel the purchase
All America

All America

Don Anecio products reach every corner of America, wherever you are

The Founder

Don Anecio Alvarez was our great pioneer.
His memory guides us firmly to our goal:
to be your brand of quality products for your table every day.
His tenacity and greatness of mind inspires and motivates us to continually improve.
He is our reference, the one who marked the path for us.

Anecio Álvarez

In search for the best

Don Anecio’s team is always looking for new products.

The objective is to combine quality and a good price. Spanish products are of the highest quality.

High volume of business and our extensive partner network allows us to offer unmatched prices for unmatched quality.

The best for your life

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